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2010 Xtreme Team Championship – Lake Seminole – Nov. 6-7, 2010

November 12, 2010

The Xtreme bass finale on Lake Seminole was quite a story. Many of the 104 teams came in to practice for most of the week prior to the Nov. 6 and 7 date. Of course the weather during the week was beautiful with highs near 80 and lows near 60. As usual, a front came in on Thursday, with 15-25 mph north winds and all the fish that had been found extremely shallow were long gone. That was my account , as my partner, (Tony Bartels), and I were only able to manage a 1.82 lb fish in the last 10 minutes of day 1. Well that 1 fish, which we reluctantly weighed in, proved to be the difference between MONEY and NO money. That fish put us in 62nd place after day 1, well behind the leaders Jeremy Smith and Dan Smith, who came in with almost 22 lbs. Prior to that day, I got a call from my wife that she might have to go into emergency surgery, and me being 6 hrs away I immediately started thinking of racing home to be with her. We talked that 1st day of competition and the doc said they would not do anything until that monday, and that I need not race home. I still wanted to go home and my wife, Michelle, completely disagreed. She said “you need to stay, you did not do all this to give up and come home. You never know what might happen and I will be alright.” She said just go out and don’t stop till the fish are hitting. I know I am rambling on but I must say, that second day was the complete reverse of the day before as me and Tony started finding some feeding fish at about 8am. and we couldn’t keep them off our gold rattletraps for the rest of the day. God must have forced those fish to eat our stuff as all through practice days and everyone we talked to that had practiced in this area, no one ever caught a fish there. We never saw another boat within 2 miles of us, except for just cruising by, that entire day. We jumped from 62nd to 12th and took home $650.00. What does Ike say, “never give up”… I must go on as this will turn into a book if not.

The inevitable winners, David Bolema and Dan Blanchard, had it figured out the whole time as they came in with 19.5 lbs 1st day and a whopping 26 lbs on day 2 finishing with 45.62 lbs earning them a beautiful Legend boat with a 200 hp E-tec. They also caught their fish on gold traps along with a modified chatterbait. They seemed to have found exactly the same kind of water we found as it was grasslines in 7-8 ft with 10-12 ft of water on the outside edge. All fish were caught in 1/2 mile stretches. 2nd place finishers Andy Roberts and Al Cleghorn also had it figured out early as they had 2 great days of 20 plus lbs each only to fall just short of the winners with a total of 44.07 lbs. Other great stories were the “leapfrogging” of competitors, as day 1 leaders could only manage 1 fish on day 2, dropping them to 13th. Also, O.B Wilborn and Brian Haynes jumped over 30 spots with a nice 23 lb second day to vault them into 5th place earning them $1300.00.

Another cool, but scary story, was of the team of Chris Crow and Val Osinski (Gambler lures pres.) They were riding along and started a turn and the boat DUG in throwing them into a “360”. Val’s whole set of rods went into the drink and they were not able to retrieve them. As they were sitting pretty with 16.65 lbs on day 1, they figured it was over. You see, Val is right handed and Chris is left handed. Val had to use Chris’ rods all day and they still managed to bring in enough weight to stay in the money and earn the 10 place spot.

Big fish of each day paid $700.00 and 2nd big fish each day paid an additional $330.00. 1st day BF went to day 1 leaders Jeremy Smith and Dan Smith with a 6.90 lber. 2nd BF on day 1 went to Scott King and Jeff Winkleman with a 6.88 lber, only .02 behind. 2nd day BF was much bigger at 7.78 lbs and was caught by Donnie Crouse and Dick Faunda. And the 2nd BF on day 2 was caught by Ken Lane and Bob Ellis, a 6.70 lber.

Now before this event took place, there was a very nice banquet with the mayor of Donalsonville saying a nice prayer, and Brenda Broome of the chamber of commerce rolling out the red carpet for all of us, as she usually does. We here at Xtreme would truly like to thank them for their hospitality as the state park cabins were immaculate and I must say- better than my own house. Also at the pre tourney banquet were awards given to all the points leaders and the sidepots given out to the winners. Big bass of the year and $1880.00 was given to Jimbo Denton and Matt Beck for a huge11.02 lb fish caught at lake Russo. The big sack of the year went to Jody Marriott and Dusty McDevitt with a very nice 34.05 lb bag, which earned them $1040.00, all before the event even took place. All the final results can be viewed on the website.

I’m sure I forgot some of what went on, but I must say, all in all what a great time was had. We here at Xtreme would like to thank all of the anglers competing and also remember the few that were lost this year. You guys are why we do what we do. I’d also like to thank God first and foremost for this GREAT opportunity to do what I “extremely” love to do. No pun intended.


Jamie Shay



Proven winner ready for BFL Regional on another unfamiliar lake – Seminole

October 21, 2010

Josh Stracner finds himself in familiar territory this week – trying to figure the fish out for a tournament on an unfamiliar lake!


Fitzgerald Wins Open on Seminole, Earns Elite Invite!

October 9, 2010

Trevor Fitzgerald of Ocala, Fla. flipped up a 19 pound, 1 ounce stringer in today’s final round of the Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Seminole.

The performance gave him the win as he accumulated 44-2 over 3 days. Along with the $35,000 top prize, his effort earned Fitzgerald a chance to fish the Bassmaster Elite Series next year.

Fitzgerald flipped a black and blue Beaver behind a 1-ounce tungsten weight in matted hydrilla.

Derek Allen placed 2nd with 42-13. Allen caught nearly all of his weight this week on frogs. He lost one today that he feels cost him the win.

Clint Brown brought the week’s heaviest sack today (23-07) and rocketed into 3rd with 42-even.

Cliff Prince placed 4th with 37-14.

Randall Tharp rounds out the top 5 with 37-04, a feat that earned him Southern Open 2010 Angler of the Year honors. He’s going to the Classic on the Louisiana Delta in February. And should he choose to do so, he can fish the 2011 Elite Series.

Andy Montgomery started in 15th and improved steadily this week, eventually placing 11th with 31-14. He finished 2nd in the ponts race and earned a Bassmaster Classic berth. An invitation to fish the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2011 is also on the table for the afable Carolina pro.

If not for the historically poor economy we could run down the list of new Elite Series competitors but these days many anglers who qualify can’t afford to participate. So look for the Elite roster to solidify over the coming months.

There’s a good chance we’ll see double VanDam’s on tour next season as Jonathon VanDam finished 12th in points and 4 of the guys ahead of him are Elite Series veterans who have already re-qualified through the Series. If one of the invitees  from the Opens ahead of him declines to make the jump, “JVD” may join uncle KVD.

Seminole Open – Anybody’s Game

October 8, 2010

Looks like they’re done weighing-in at the Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Seminole and I am fixin’ to head to the local high school to watch some football (big rivalry game tonight).

Kyle Fox left the door open. He and Randall Tharp each caught 3 small bass today and carry total weights of 23-13 and 22-13, respectively.

Todd Auten made a good move with 14-03. That puts him in 11th with a 2-day total of 22-12.

Andy Montgomery added 8-12 to his tally. With 21-7 he moved up a spot to 14th from 15th yesterday.

Derek Allen holds the lead with 29-05, which puts him 4 ounces ahead of Terry Scroggins.

Seminole Stingy as Anglers Vie for Classic Berths; Elite Series Invites

October 7, 2010

The Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Seminole is the 3rd and final stop of the 2010 campaign. It offers 7 invittations for anglers wishing to fish the Elite Series. It also will vault 2 of them into the 2011 Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans this coming February.

Top prize this week is valued at $35,000 so even those with no shot at the Classic or Elites still have much to fish for.

Kyle Fox of Lakeland, Fla. blew the tourney open with 20 pounds, 3 ounces which gives him a nearly 2-pound lead over Alabama’s Randall Tharp.

While Fox made it look easy, 32 of 132 pros zeroed today. Only 7 of them outfished the leading co-angler, Fred Hood. And, as a co-angler, he was only allowed to weigh 3 fish. They went 14-10.

Another co-angler, Ben Fitzgerald of Ocala, Fla. caught the day’s biggest bass at 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Not to say co-anglers can’t fish well – there are some really good ones in this field that I have fished with/against over the years – but when the guys in the back of the boat are doing as well as the pros, the fish just aren’t cooperating well. 

While Tharp was 3rd in points heading into this event and he helped himself more so than anyone else, Carolina’s Andy Montgomery leads the Southern Opens Angler of the Year Race and currently occupies 15th in this tourney. 

Field gets cut to top 30 tomorrow. If it happened today Terry Segraves would be the final man in with 9-06.

Looks like it’s a flip fest with a touch of early morning topwater action.

This one promises to be interesting as we head toward Saturday’s final round..

Cold front gives Seminole bass lockjaw just before final Bassmaster Southern Open qualifier

October 6, 2010

Andy Montgomery is on a roll this year. He’s already qualified for the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup, the FLW Tour’s Championship. And he’s atop the points standings in the Bassmaster Southern Open Series, with the top two in points guaranteed a spot in the 2011 Bassmaster Classic!


Change of Venue for Southern BWS Regional to Lake Seminole

August 23, 2010

ATHENS, Ala. — The Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series (BWS) Southern Regional Championship will change venues from the Tensaw Delta in Mobile, Ala., to Lake Seminole in Bainbridge, Ga., announced officials of the hosting American Bass Anglers today.

“Due to circumstances beyond ABA’s control, we had to change the location for the BWS Southern Regional Championship tournament,” said Morris Sheehan, ABA president. “Early in the process we looked at several locations and chose the community of Bainbridge, Georgia, for its location and, of course, Lake Seminole for its tremendous bass fishery.”

The event will be held Oct. 15-16 out of the Earle May Boat Basin Park in Bainbridge. The top anglers in the BWS Southern Regional Division will launch at safe light each competition day. Open to the public, the weigh-in will be held at 3 p.m. at the park each day. Angler registration will be held from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 14 on the main stage area of Earle May Boat Basin Park.

“The City of Bainbridge is well prepared for this event,” said Chris Hobby, Bainbridge city manager. “As part of Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue’s ‘Go Fish Georgia’ initiative, the city is the recipient of mega-ramps being built at the Earle May Boat Basin, which includes three new multi-lane boat ramps. The current project schedule calls for the ramps to be ready for use by Oct. 1, just in time to host the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series Regional Championship.”

Anglers can fish any waters in the 37,500-acre Lake Seminole, which straddles the Georgia-Florida line. The Chattahoochee River forms part of the Georgia-Alabama line and feeds into Lake Seminole from the northwest. The Flint River runs up through Georgia to the northeast. Several major creeks also enter the fertile system.

The lake can produce double-digit largemouth bass. Standing timber dominates about one-third of the lake. Lily pads, grass beds, humps, natural springs, hard-bottom flats and deep channels provide more places for bass to hunt.

For more information including hotel accommodations, visit the ABA website at or call (888) 203-6222.

Location: Earle May Boat Basin, 801 W. Shotwell St, Bainbridge, GA 39819

Thursday, Oct. 14 Registration –

* Main Stage / Earle May Boat Basin Park – 4:00pm-6:30pm

* Safety Briefing and Pairings Meeting – Main Stage / Earle May Boat Basin Park – 7:00pm

Friday, Oct. 15

* Tournament Launch – Safe Light

* Weigh-in- Bassmaster Stage 3:00pm

Saturday, Oct. 16

* Tournament Launch – Safe Light

* Weigh-in – Bassmaster Stage – 3:00pm

For more detailed information including hotel accommodations, visit the ABA website at

About American Bass Anglers

American Bass Anglers is the largest tournament organization for the weekend angler. American Bass Anglers operates the American Fishing Tour, the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series and the American Couples Series. Each tour is designed specifically for the weekend angler, offering low-cost and close-to-home events where anglers can qualify for a larger championship. For more information on American Bass Anglers, visit